Mosquito Bites


My friends suggested going for a short hike in Davis-a place of big trees, a flowing river, blue skies and an outrageously bright sun. Of course I said yes and soon we were off! Once we got there I realized a few errors of judgement. My first mistake was wearing flimsy shoes that were basically slippers. My next “Uh-Oh” moment came when I saw the mosquitoes swarming and realized I didn’t have bug repellent. Luckily these “Uh-Oh” moments didn’t ruin my entire experience. My friends and I were having fun in the water, enjoying the scenery, and looking at the plants and wildlife that the reserve had to offer. Overall, I got to catch baby fish, tadpoles, and frogs with my bare hands (which I safely returned back to their watery homes before leaving) and I even learned how to skip rocks! Well, kinda.



At one point as we were walking back to the car, we ascended a trail that led up toward the parking lot. Unfortunately, I wanted to go back down to the trail by the river, so I climbed over a hill and started the descent. I thought I was brave and adventurous, but when I reached the bottom of the hill I realized the trail I was looking for was nowhere to be found, and I was surrounded by spider webs, scary trees, and thorny plants. So naturally, I cursed myself for being so stupid and “adventurous” and I ran straight through the forest, kinda like that scene in The Hunger Games when Jennifer Lawrence runs straight through the forest with that concentrated stare, except I was wearing slippers, had disheveled hair, and a “Holy Sh*t!” look on my face. I ran past the trees and cobwebs, past the thorny bushes (which treated my legs as scratching posts) and ran smack dab into the trail. Free at last! Now all I had to do was figure out where I was, because I didn’t recognize the trail I had just galloped to. Luckily my friends and I found each other and we were off once again to look for big fish!


Note to Self: Next time bring bug repellant, wear longer shorts and taller socks, and for God’s sake, stick to the trails!




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