My Very Own Picnic Day

Today I woke up feeling like having a picnic. I was determined to bake edible sweet potato fries to eat while out at the park. Luckily this time, my fries came out “not-burnt” and I stuffed them in an old whipped cream container for transport. I soon loaded up my bike, Bessie, with water, the fries, a book, sunglasses, and, of course, an orange picnic blanket! As I rode Bessie through the park looking for the perfect location, I could feel the heat floating up from the park’s asphalt walking paths-it was a very warm day! I soon settled on a nice spot under the shade of some beautiful trees and laid my blanket out next to a bench.


As I got settled, I cracked open the book I brought, Travels with Casey: My Journey Through Our Dog-Crazy Country by Benoit Denzet-Lewis and began to read.


No sooner had I sat down that I noticed some familiar plants nearby. I recognized them as strawberry plants and oh, how cute the baby strawberries looked!


These plants reminded me of the garden my family once had back home in Bakersfield. When we first planted our garden, I wasn’t sure anything would grow, but our strawberry and tomato plants were the first to bloom and produce fruit! These plants were a perfect reminder of home.


For the next hour or so I laid back and read.  It was a great read and made for a relaxing time outdoors.


Have you taken any time off to have a picnic? If so, comment below!

Hope ya have a good one!



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