Davis Bike Paths


These past two years while I’ve lived in Davis, California I’ve made it a personal mission to explore this little city and learn as much about it before moving back to Bakersfield.

According to the City of Davis website, Davis was originally named Davisville and was founded in 1868. Its city limits spread across about 9.91 square miles of the northern Central Valley. Whoa! Davis promotes a healthy and active lifestyle and to prove it, the city has 31 parks and well over 50 miles of bike paths.


A big part of my goal of getting to know Davis is to travel its many bike paths. A few months ago I was at an event called Celebrate Davis and picked up a bike map. I vowed to ride through all the paths Davis had to offer before the end of summer and have started on that quest today.


I surveyed the map and quickly decided to bike the upper left portion of the map (outlined in pink below). It was close to my apartment in case I got a flat tire, but far enough for it to be an adventure. As I stepped outside, I was greeted with a sunny sky and slight breeze. In a matter of seconds I was biking up F Street.


The left side of this street was bordered by houses and apartment complexes, while the right was lined with trees and a railroad track. It was a quiet day and for the most part, I was alone on this path. Every once in a while I stopped to pick up a recyclable or a piece of trash that littered the bike path.


I soon neared the end of the path on F Street and swung left onto the Covell Drainage Channel, which bordered a… wait for it…. drainage channel! The channel was dry and full of tall dead grass, but still hosted a plethora of butterflies and birds.


The bike path was bordered by a black chain link fence that separated it from the drainage channel. Every few feet, I saw a poster on the fence advertising volunteer opportunities to clean up the bike paths and plants native plants. Davis is a cool little city because it really cares about its scenery and environment.


A cornfield lined the other end of the drainage path and I couldn’t resist the temptation of walking along its dry, dirt trail. I saw the cornfield up close and took a quick picture. I wondered how it seemed to thrive despite the drought, and who would reap the benefits of the harvest.



As I walked back onto the bike path I saw a bit of paint on the asphalt. The artist(s) had splashed various colors onto the path and claimed the spot with their hand prints.



Shortly after Bessie’s photo op with the street art, my mom called me to help her with a chore and so, I cut my bike ride short and headed back to the apartment.

Have you had any recent bike path adventures? Be sure to comment below if you have. I’ll keep you posted on any future bike path tours!



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