Late Night Encounters with Aliens


Now that I’ve graduated college I find that, in between applying for jobs, I have little to do. Hence, the many walks, picnics, and books I’ve been reading. Recently, I’ve had trouble sleeping-probably from the anxiety I feel creeping beneath my skin, which serves as a constant reminder that I only have a few more months in Davis before I return to Bakersfield. I find that as the amount in my savings slowly becomes less and less, so do the number of hours I sleep each night. One night I couldn’t sleep and was passing the time by looking at the ceiling and mentally arguing with it about what it means to “be an adult,” when all of a sudden my entire room erupted in light! The first thing I thought was “Holy French fry! Aliens are real!” No, I’m not kidding. I really thought that. I quickly ran to my window, eager to see what these modern E.T.’s looked like, and was both relieved and disappointed to see a police car patrolling the park across the street. The car had bright lights, which were illuminating my room as well as a portion of the park. I thought about how many times those lights had accidentally illuminated my bedroom in the past, while I was soundly asleep. Before I headed back to my bed, I noticed that there were a lot of cars driving by even though it was about 1am. The whole event reminded me that while I sleep, there is a whole other world awake.


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