Davis Bike Path Tour #2

7225 Today I decided to tour another portion of my Davis bike map. The path I took is outlined in pink below: map2 This was a longer tour, so I have more pictures to show. Hurray! 7211 It was an overcast day; the sky was punctuated by white clouds and there was a slight breeze that made my ears cold. As I biked around I passed more than a few happy joggers and families pushing strollers. Everyone seemed so happy and the feeling was contagious. 7212 The paths looked great, lined by trees and bushes, the air was fresh and I was content with riding through these friendly neighborhoods. 7214 There came a point when I saw a row of magnificent pine trees near a small ditch filled with rocks. I pulled Bessie over and took a quick snapshot of her. 7216 I headed back to the trail and turned right and bam! Dominos! Literally, a pile of huge dominos lay in a field! It’s not every day that you see those! 7220 Hacienda avenue was a nice ride. I passed a house that had a chicken enclosure, which was an awesome surprise. As the hens pecked the dirt I took a photo of Bessie in the path. 7222 I eventually reached Anderson Avenue and was greeted by purple flowers! They were so cute! 7223 I soon passed up the picnic area I had stopped by during my last bike tour. 7226 Next up was the North Area Drainage Pond, bordered by the Northstar Park. This is a great place for anyone who likes seeing nature, especially ducks and Canadian geese. In the spring you can spot the nests of these beautiful geese and even see their babies! 7235

7237 7240

As I head back to my apartment, I passed by the Frog Queen-a true royal!


As I neared Covell Park, Bessie and I ran into a field with some pretty flowers.

7244 7246

As I got closer to my apartment complex, I saw little chalk hearts on the path.


Needless to say, I followed them home and was soon sitting comfortably on the living room couch. 7254

I’ll let you know about my future bike path tours! Have a good one!



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