Volunteering at a Cat Clinic


I recently volunteered at a SNIP Feral Clinic in Martinez, California. This is a great clinic that spays and neuters feral cats in the community. My friend recommended volunteering here as she has been volunteering at this clinic for the past few years. I was immediately interested. After all, what could be better than hanging out with a bunch of cats all day?


So at 7am we heading out to Martinez, California. We arrived early and my friend gave me a tour of the facility. The set-up was amazing! I have been to a lot of spay/neuter clinics, and this is the most impressive so far! The shelter is huge and they use every bit of space they can for the cats. Each room/area was set up to serve a different function for the cats. For example, the waiting area held a bunch of tables where the cats waited to be given anesthesia.  The cats then got transported to a room to get anesthesia and then are transferred again to another room (my room!) to receive a painkiller to ensure comfort during and after the surgery. After surgery the cat is given vaccines, flea and tick control and other such things.


I was one of the three volunteers at the pain killer station. We received cats after they had undergone anesthesia and administered painkiller via subcutaneous injection. The day I volunteered, we saw 78 cats, but usually the number is much higher. Overall, the volunteers were great, the cats were amazing, and the lunch was incredible!


Not only was I impressed with how well the clinic was set up within the animal shelter, but I was also impressed by the shelter itself. They even housed rabbits!


Bunnies! Bunnies! Bunnies! How adorable!



I’ll let you know about my next volunteering adventure!



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