Waiting in line for the restroom and other such stories…

I guess I can say I had a pretty interesting day today. It all started in bed.

I woke up determined to inquire about jobs at local businesses around town. On my way to one such job inquiry, I ran into a family from Long Beach. I met them while waiting in line for the bathroom at Rite Aid. I was already sweaty from the hot weather and was looking for some relief from the heat and my seemingly non-existent bladder when I saw the long restroom line. There must have been five people in line. We made awkward eye contact and stood quietly waiting for the bathroom to become available.

At one point, I was diligently reading a label on the side of a toilet seat riser, learning about the advantages of using a hinged versus non-hinged toilet seat riser, when I heard the women in front of me talking.   I looked up, smiled at them politely and asked if they were going on a trip.  The oldest woman said yes, that they were from Long Beach.

I don’t know why I felt like starting conversation in a Bakersfield Rite Aid bathroom line, but somehow, it seemed important that I learn more about these people. Anyways, they were a nice family, and on my way out I wished them a safe and fun trip.

On my way back home, I ran into a very cheery homeless man. I was wearing a light cardigan and the man came walking down the street calling over to me, “Girl I know you’re hot! I mean I’m wearing a long-sleeve in this weather, but you’re wearing a sweater!”

I turned to acknowledge his comment and he said, “But it’s OK. You’re gonna get there.” To which I replied, “Yep, I’m almost there!” with a cheery smile. It felt good to joke about the heat, dry air, and my cardigan.

Note to self: Use common sense when choosing clothes to wear in hot weather!


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