Paige’s Summer Book Club: Book Review #4


Book: The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

Author: Issa Rae

1. What made me want to read this book?

I recently saw Issa Rae on the cover of a magazine. She looked great! Happy, energetic, and real are the words I would use to describe her. I’m also a fan of her YouTube series. Once I heard that she had a book out I couldn’t wait to begin reading. I quickly checked it out as an audio book and began listening.

2. Which passages were the most interesting, disturbing, humorous, or sad?

The entire book is humorous and very relatable. One part that stuck out to me was when the author recounted a time when she lied out being able to dance. She lamented over her inability to get her groove on in a hilarious and relatable way. If anyone knows me, they know I don’t know how to dance. I tried once and nearly died of embarrassment, so I could definitely relate to the author’s experiences on the dance floor.

3. What has this book taught me? Has it broadened my perspective on the world or some part of my life?

Reading Issa Rae’s book showed me what life is like for a black woman-not only in Hollywood, but in college, on the internet, and in other social settings. I could relate to her awkwardness. Many of her stories mirrored my own. This is definitely an essential read for anyone who wants a good laugh.

4. Has this book changed my opinion about anything or anyone?

This book helped me better understand the struggles of being a woman in Hollywood. I know several people who strive to join the ranks as actresses and actors, so hearing the struggles and successes of others helps me gain a better understanding of my friends’ dreams and of the industry itself.

5. What is the writing style like? Engaging, boring, easy to understand?

Issa Rae writes with a tone of hilarity that I haven’t encountered in any of the books I read this summer. She is sincere in her self-deprecation, yet points out many important details about the world. For example, at one point in the book the author describes her adventures online in her childhood and high school years. Although she tells a humorous account, she also indirectly points out the dangers of establishing an online presence at such an early age.

Feel free to join me in reading and discussing each book!

Have you read this book and want to share? Feel free to post in the comments section below!

Happy reading!



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