Donkey’s Kittens Find Forever Homes

Hey All,

This is the last kitten update on Donkey’s kittens. These babies were born on August 8, 2015 and are quickly approaching 2 months old in 4 days. Whoa time flies! Below are the last pictures I have of these sweet babies.

Grey-This baby boy went home with a family of cat lovers earlier this week. His new family fell in love with his playfulness right away!





Bagheera-He went with a woman and her young daughter. They were looking for an kitten to be an indoor cat. Bagheera’s family named him Prince and a Prince he is!


Brown Cheeks-Our baby girl Brown Cheeks found a wonderful home with a young couple last week! She was the first kitten to find a home and we are so relieved that she found a good one!



Stripes-our little girl Stripes is still looking for her forever home, but we are sure she will find one very soon! Until then, she is loving up all the attention she gets with us at home.



I’m so happy that after all this time, the kittens are finding great, loving, forever homes! It was such a blast seeing them grow, socializing them, and seeing them find good homes.

Talk to ya later!



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