Walking Around Town

Winter has come and I hate it!! Bakersfield is really cold right now. My body doesn’t like the cold and so I have grown to despise winter. It’s not too bad yet, there isn’t even frost on the grass, but the cold is tough on my joints, especially my knees.  I made a trip to Walmart yesterday and got a pair of bright purple sweat pants and a bright blue sweatshirt (that were on sale -yay!)

Although my family wasn’t fond of my color scheme, I love the pretty bright colors and I ALWAYS mismatch (like, seriously, especially my socks). Who would have thought that a simple change of attire would change my outlook on winter? These are so warm and cozy, they make me want to curl up on my bed and drink hot cocoa all day!

Anyways, I was going through my photos and happened upon some pics of when Charlie and I went for a walk over some train tracks in October. This was a pretty gloomy day and it drizzled a bit, but it wasn’t cold yet.

Charlie took to the stairs like a pro!
Gloomy sky over Bakersfield

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