Sonora’s Story

You may have noticed a new addition to my ever-growing family. Yes, she is soooo adorable and chunky! Introducing the one, the only, Sonora Furiosa!

Look at that smile!

Sonora’s story is an interesting one and I’m glad to share it with anyone who will listen.

When my family moved near the downtown area of Bakersfield, I caught a glimpse of a panda! “Whoa!” you may say, “Holy French Fry!” you may think, but yes, it is true, I saw a panda. At least that’s what I called the neighbor’s dog. You see, he had eye patches that made him look like a big, fat, panda. Once I saw him I was in love, I mean look at him! Just look at him!

He’s so adorable and fat!

Panda is Sonora’s dad.

Sonora’s mom, from what I gather, is a chocolate lab mix. She’s very protective of her yard and I try to stay away from her whenever possible. Her owners let her roam the streets though, so sometimes it’s more difficult to steer clear of her.


Here is a picture of Panda and Sonora’s mom and their puppies. The puppies are  laying in the street between Panda and the red truck.

Can you see the pile of sleeping puppies?

Here is another picture I was able to take of Sonora’s parents.

Mama & Papa

Sorry about the picture quality-Sonora’s mom was barking at me for hovering around trying to take pictures. (Now I must say, I do not agree with the way these dogs’  owners kept their dogs and the puppies. These neighbors are known for having unwanted puppies roaming the streets until the pound drives by and picks them up. I must also say, that I am forever grateful of the owner giving me one of the puppies (Sonora). She will forever be in my heart and in my pack of fur babies.)

One day, my mom and I were passing by and decided to take a risk and ask the neighbor if we could get a puppy. Problem: We had never spoken to these neighbors, nor seen them (At this point, I kinda regarded them as ghosts that only came out at night). After a few minutes of yelling at the house, we were about to give up when the front door opened and a man came out. He didn’t speak English & we didn’t speak Spanish, but he got the hint and said that we could take the puppy. He handed the puppy over the fence before the mama dog had a chance to come after us.

I walked home proudly and put Sonora in the bathroom.

My lil munchkin had fleas galore!
I fell in love with her the moment I laid eyes on her

Sonora was really dirty and full of fleas and ticks. Do you see that dark patch on her head between her eyes? That’s a patch of fleas. She had the worst case of fleas I’ve ever seen in a puppy (and keep in mind I’ve worked and volunteered at tons of vet clinics).  Needless to say, she got a bath and flea treatment right away.

This is Sonora’s bath time a few weeks after I got her

When I first introduced Sonora to the rest of the family, she was shy. After a few days, though, Sonora felt right at home with us. Now, she’s part of the gang!

Sonora’s favorite place is under my bed. Do you see the patches of bare skin on Sonora’s ear? That’s where the fleas were clustered. So sad.

Here is Sonora lounging:

At this point, we had taken control of the fleas and Sonora was feeling much better!
So adorable!

I got Sonora a bed and a bunch of toys and she fell in love with them!


I’ve been working with Sonora to train her and teach her good manners. Sonora and I are definitely a work in progress, but we’re getting there! Meanwhile Sonora keeps getting bigger and bigger (and I love it-I hope she stays chunky forever!).

Ta Ta For Now!





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