No more CAHSEE?

I graduated in 2010, so it’s been about 5 years since I’ve been in high school, but I saw something in the news that reminded me of those distant days.

Apparently, the high school exit exam is being suspended in California! Crazy, how things change. I mean, I never worried about passing the CAHSEE because the high school curriculum came fairly easily to me. I knew of plenty of students who didn’t pass it though.

Do you think suspending the CAHSEE is a good thing? I guess it cuts down on the number of tests that teens have to worry about. I don’t know. More to come. Plus, the teens that graduated in 2003-2004 who didn’t pass the exit exam, but met all the other criteria for graduation, will now receive their high school diplomas. I wonder how this will impact those students’ lives?

I wonder why Governor Brown decided to pass this law. I can’t say that I support or denounce it. I guess I just don’t have much of an opinion on it, but I’m still curious. After all, who came up with the idea of school and testing in the first place? Hmmm…I literally don’t know. I think I just found out what I’m going to spend my free time looking into!




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