Meet Luna

Look at that beautiful smile!

One of the most difficult times in an animal lover’s life is when one is faced with the difficult decision to re-home his or her furry friend. I have had to do this multiple times and trust me when I say it is not an easy task.

My sister recently had to re-home her dog, Luna. Luna is a gentle and loving pit bull. She is very muscular and healthy and loves to sleep all day. My family agreed to take her in until we could get her spayed and re-homed. Currently, Luna’s spay day is set for April 21st, 2016 and I can’t wait. I feel it is very important to get Luna spayed because I’m afraid that people will see her and want to use her for breeding. Every year in Bakersfield, we see a huge outpouring of unwanted puppies and I don’t want to contribute to that.

Last week I walked Luna to the Mt. Vernon Veterinary Hospital where she got her Bordetella, Parvo, and DHLP vaccine. These are necessary in order for Luna to be spayed at Critters Without Litters. Luna will get her Rabies vaccine on the day of her spay.

Luna in the waiting room-such a patient dog!

Luna is a great dog-more well-behaved than my Charlie & Sonora. I have to say that Luna is the easiest dog I have ever walked-and I’ve walked many dogs in my lifetime. During our walks, she is very attentive to where I am and where I want the both of us to go. She never pulls and she doesn’t get distracted by other dogs barking or trying to follow us. I have to tip my invisible hat to my sister for doing such a great job in raising her dog. I’m hoping that we can find Luna a loving forever home soon.

If you’re interested in reading up on the importance of dog vaccinations and what canine vaccinations are available, you can read what the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has to say on the subject by clicking here.


Ta Ta for Now!





2 thoughts on “Meet Luna

    • paigesposts April 15, 2016 / 4:08 am

      Thanks! She always has that same smile on her face-it’s very inspiring and beautiful.

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