Tale of a Cute Puppy

A few months ago, my neighbor was giving away puppies. By the time we walked over, there were two puppies left: a male and a female. My mom and I figured we could find the puppies good homes that weren’t in the ghetto where we live. (Our neighborhood is notorious for unwanted puppies and puppies getting hit by cars or abandoned, so if at all possible, I try to find homes that are outside of our neighborhood). So we took in the female puppy. I de-wormed and vaccinated her and soon she found a home! Even better ,she found a home near the bluffs (a very nice neighborhood) with a fire marshall and his daughter.

Here are some pics I took of this precious pup:



Hopefully I can find other puppies in need good homes this summer. Unfortunately,  I’m sure that there will be more unwanted puppies springing up around the neighborhood in the coming months.




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