Meet My New Boyfriend!


Omg my new boyfriend’s name is Bruce! I met him online, specifically on the Cosmo Magazine website. Plus, he’s like a big celebrity. You might have seen him in Finding Nemo. LOL! I know, I could someone like me (a human) have a shark boyfriend? Well, duh it’s fake. What a stupid question! Lol. Just kidding! Its a perfectly legitimate question due to the peculiarity of this situation. I guess now would be a good time to tell you that I took another Cosmo quiz. Feel free to check it out here.

So….these Cosmo quizzes are addicting. First, I found out that I’m 34 years old instead of 23 like it says on my birth certificate. Now, I find out I have a shark boyfriend named Bruce! What has this world come to? My whole life has been flipped upside down.


Why don’t you try this quiz and see who your shark boyfriend is! Post your shark BF’s name in the comments section below!

See ya later!



Finding my TRUE age with Cosmo’s Help


I was on Cosmo Magazine’s website today and happened across a quiz to find my true age based upon my social media habits. I don’t know what that means, but I’m all about figuring out hold old a website thinks I am. Turns out the internet thinks I’m hella older than I really am!

I answered all of the quiz’s questions honestly and was sure that my true age of 23 years would pop up at the end. And then Boom! Pow! I’m 34 years old. What?! It’s not that I think 34 is an old age, it’s just funny that the quiz would be 11 years off. And to top it all off, the creators of the quiz wrote a little bit saying how I’m considered to be the same age as Beyonce when it comes to social media. Well, I guess that’s a compliment. Besides, if anyone looks at my Facebook page, they will see a bunch of videos that I shared because they had cute puppies and kittens and T-rex’s in them. I mean,who can look at a video of a cute puppy and not share it with everyone else on the planet?!

It’s pretty rare that I ever update my status on Facebook. I don’t really do anything with myself nowadays, so I don’t feel there is anything exciting to report. Who knows, maybe I am a senile old lady when it comes to social media…but, who cares! I don’t. I’ll stick with my kitten and puppy videos any day.

Here is my quiz result from cosmo’s website

Want to know what your true age is? Find out here.

Talk to ya later!