Rough Seas Ahead


So yesterday I logged onto Paige’s Posts Facebook page and was greeted by a message saying it’s been 31 days since my last post. Geez-I can’t believe it’s been that long! I miss blogging and sharing stories about life, however uneventful it may be.

Truthfully, I haven’t posted anything recently because I haven’t been doing much. As you all know, I moved back to Bakersfield earlier this year and am still trying to discover who I am and where I see myself in the future. It’s a hard thing to decide-at least for me.

I’ve been actively, desperately, job searching since I moved to Bakersfield and have not had much luck. Struggling to remain positive is exhausting, but at least now I get to see my family and I’ll be able to see them for the holidays this year. (I didn’t return home for the holidays while I was away at Davis the last two years). On top of this, I’ve been getting those stress-inducing emails about my student loan repayment dates. They are closing in on me and I’m anticipating a rough next year.

To compound this situation, I’ve been struggling with the concept of happiness. This is a big issue for me. I mean, one of the reasons I interview college students is to see where happiness fits into the equation of life. Is it worth pursuing an education in order to follow one’s dreams and be happier? If so, then why do most people not do this? Is there such a thing as happy living?

I see on Facebook and other social media people posting how much they hate their jobs. I ask myself, well, why do people work at jobs that they hate? Are these people then filled with regret, because they didn’t follow their heart? I know how it feels to have a job that is less then desirable. I’ve had my share of past job experiences, but now that I’m older and I hear all these people saying to live happily and follow one’s passions and dreams-I just don’t understand. How is one supposed to live happily and follow one’s passions and dreams without breaking the bank?

I read books about people who had to sacrifice their family for their careers, and so even after attaining their financial freedom, they are left with a hole. It’s just scary to me.

I want to be a veterinarian, I want to serve those less fortunate then myself, but I know it’s going to take a while to reach that goal. Along the way, people try to test my determination, they continually question my ability and desire to become a veterinarian. “Do you really think your dreams are going to come true?” “You aren’t still trying to be a vet are you?”.

It makes me wonder, when do I throw in the towel? I mean, I have this amazing and often overwhelming desire to help people and animals. I sign up for these volunteer clinics and I always walk away with a new perspective and determination. Then I see all the people around me, many who have given up on their dreams. They wake up each morning, go to work and say “I wish I had done this…” or “I hate my job, I wish I would have pursued (name of dream career)”.

I guess this is just the other side of the coin, the less happy side. I’m sure I’ll get through this rough patch. I don’t know about my future, all I can do is keep trying and adapting to changes as they come.

What I know for sure is that I want to keep blogging. That can be constant. More posts to come.



Nice To Meet You

I think it’s time I tell you more about myself and my furry friends!


I’m Paige and I am a twenty-something college graduate trying to find out what to do with my degree. I just earned a B. S. in Animal Science from UC Davis (Go Aggies!!) and am currently focusing on making new memories while paying off my tab (code word for student loan debt). My college career started at the great Bakersfield College in Bakersfield, CA where I spent three years earning an A. S. in Biology. I then transferred to U.C. Davis in 2013 and graduated in June 2015. So far, I’ve had plenty of wonderful adventures and misadventures and hope to share them with you all!

Fun Facts:                                                                                                                                             I LOVE animals.                                                                                                                      Favorite animal: Pig                                                                                                                    Favorite treat: Gerber Banana Baby Food                                                                                   Dream Occupation: Veterinarian


Charlie, Charlie St. Cloud, Charlie Bear, and Char. These are all the names I call my baby girl, my yorkie-poo Charlie. She is the best dog anyone could hope for. She is loyal, courageous, playful, yet demanding. I first met Charlie in July 2010, about a month before I started college. My mom & I were visiting neighbors when all of a sudden a bunch of white fluff balls ran toward us. Charlie looked like a little cloud floating toward me. The moment I looked at Charlie & all her happy playfulness, I knew we were going to have a great life together-I brought her home that very day. The two of us have gone through many ups and downs together. I can’t imagine a better friend than my lil girl Char!

Fun Facts:                                                                                                                                        She LOVES kids and cats.                                                                                                                  Weight: about 8lbs +/- a lot of fluff!                                                                                             Like most small dogs, she thinks she is the biggest and bravest of the bunch.


Now, my mom would disagree when I say that these two beauties are my fur babies, but they are! So what if I have to catnap them from my mom’s house to be able to call them my own? Haha! Pumpkin was found in a Wienerschnitzel parking lot on a hot summer day. My mom spent several hours coaxing her  into her arms. Since then, Pumpkin has been fixed on our windowsill, greeting us all when we walk through the doors.

Ollie was born to a feral mother cat. My mom adopted Ollie when she visited a yard sale and a woman shared the news of a feral cat and her kittens. My mom picked out Ollie because of her beautiful calico markings and gorgeous blue eyes. Although she acted the part of a feral cat for a while, she has since warmed up to us all and is the most playful of the bunch.

Fun Facts:                                                                                                                                             They are both talkative (Meow!)                                                                                                  They both love to play with hair-typically my mom’s hair (ouch!)                                    Although they were both born on the streets, they are both VERY loving cats.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any questions about myself or my fur babies in the comments below!

Talk to ya later!