Animal Spotlight: Pumpkin

Omg! Omg! I wanted to take some time to celebrate our tortoiseshell cat, Pumpkin! She has been with out family for like two years now and she is great! She loves to play, she’s a bit loud as she walks around meowing until someone pets her, and she is sooooo beautiful. Seriously, I think she is the prettiest cat ever! (I guess every cat lover thinks their cat is the best haha). Earlier this year I was at PetsMart and found a clearance cat toy (it was only $1) and I got it for Pumpkin and the other cats.


Here are some pics of Pumpkin enjoying her gift.

Look at her! She’s so cute!
She is so fluffy!
Really going after that toy. Hahah!

Aren’t animals amazing? ¬†They make life so pleasant and are so worth the effort.